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12 October 2010 @ 02:37 am
I haven't been on in awhile due to my commitments and responsibilities. Recently, I started looking into business schools for after I graduate from SFSU. There is this one interesting program at SFSU actually. It's a dual graduate program with a university in Nice, France. You spend a semester in France and the next at SF State, upon completion you get two degrees-- an MBA from state and an MIB (Masters in International Business) from the University of Nice. However, there is one catch, you need to already have taken a ton of graduate business courses, which means you need to be enrolled in graduate school, but if you are at SF State for post-bacc studies, you can do all the paperwork and transfer over.

Other than that, I might try to get into UC Berkeley or USF-- Berkeley would save me a lot of money on living expenses and USF is still in the city, which I love-- but I haven't really decided yet. I still have to meet with an advisor to decide on a geographic area to study for International Business and I'll bring up graduate school, too. As for Harvard or Stanford, hahahaha, I am very doubtful I can get into those institutions. I also have to remember to take the GMAT, the SATs for business majors in college. Hmm, as you get older, the paperwork and deadlines really pile on thick.

What's funny is when I was looking through graduate school requirements, I noticed  that for business, science, arts, and math, they require so much, but that is to be expected. I couldn't help, but laugh at the majors that didn't really require much at all, just the bare minimum.
There is only one thing I am sure of at this point, I will not be graduating on stage. The processing fee is $100 and that is mandatory, renting a gown and buying a ring, hahaha please!
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04 August 2010 @ 02:26 pm
MKTG 431: Principles of Marketing

08:10 - 09:25     HUM 130: The Humanities- Major Works     
09:30 - 10:50     ENG 414: Elements of Writing (wait listed)
11:00 - 12:15     ISYS 363: Informational Systems for Management
12:35 - 13:50     DS 412: Operations Management
18:10 - 20:00     KIN 136: Hatha Yoga

16:10 - 18:55     GEAR UP

08:10 - 09:25     HUM 130: The Humanities - Major Works
09:30 - 10:50     ENG 414: Elements of Writing (wait listed)
11:00 - 12:15     ISYS 363: Informational Systems for Management
12:35 - 13:50     DS 412: Operations Management

I ran into a little trouble for registration. I should have 61 units  from taking R1, but since I am still in summer session for R3, they're not counting them. I currently only have 58 units and the registration system wouldn't let me add IBUS 330, bull shit!

I could be dropped from the upper division classes that I was able to sign up for. I emailed those respective professors pleading my case. 

Stupid SFSU! I should have 64 units by the end of R3 (August 12, grades due August 17). I am hoping the extra 6 units from R1 and R3 kick into effect immediately for my sanity.
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28 July 2010 @ 12:16 am
Hi again! I am pretty sleepy right now, but don't want to call it a night. Time for a mini update.

GEAR UP Summer Math Program ended on July 16. We had a very successful Family (Game) Night on the 15th. I miss seeing those (high school) kids. They were a joy to have (much better than middle schoolers) on most days.

I decided to do my voucher for AmeriCorps (scholarship program that rewards giving back to the community) an hour ago. I discovered that I am one huge ass workaholic (I already knew this, but now have the numbers to back it up). I worked a total of 66+ hours in the last two and a half weeks of GEAR UP.

And I'm still doing some extra work for them!

My marine biology professor from spring semester hired me as a student assistant over at the Romberg Tiburon (Science) Center. This job lasts till fall semester starts up. 

I'm the kind of person that wants to have experience in everything work-related. This is why I agreed to the position. It's been awhile, since I have had a job that didn't require me to do any take home work. 

The atmosphere at the TIburon Center is very laid back and comfortable. They have me organizing and cleaning their lab.  

My supervisors want to get me started on some data sampling for them, but I'm not at work very often (super busy due to school and GEAR UP). I feel really bad for not being able to come to work on a daily basis, but after August 12 (end of R3), I will!

Business Communications is an enjoyable class. There is one group project along with a presentation. My group is a head of the game. We had our formal business report outline finished ahead of time and are roughly 60% done with the report. 

This class has taught me a lot, even though the slideshows from the textbook are super boring. I've learned a lot about how to communicate in a business setting verbally and on paper.

On the fun side of my life, my friends and I went to San Jose on Friday, July 24, 2010. It was a huge blast, because my family wasn't with me for once.

My Viet skills are pretty rusty on my own though. I only really speak Vietnamese around my family, so it felt a bit strange.

I almost forgot. I finally turned 20 this month! I didn't do much this year, which is actually a huge relief. Just hung out with a good friend walking around in Berkeley, eating good food, and doing some window shopping,

This summer has been stressful, hectic, and fun. However, it feels like I never even had a summer. Oh well, my summer can start on August 12 and end come August 24. 12 days of summer, here I come!
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02 July 2010 @ 11:15 pm
Bzz bzz bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, busy busy summer. 

June Recap

I managed to get a job as a tutor for the GEAR UP Summer Math Program. Four groups of ten to twenty high school students attending three out of four classes at state learning about algebra, probability and stats, geometry, and functions through math games for elective credits. This program runs for five weeks, Monday to Friday, from 9:00 to 12:00, but I am usually there by 8:15 every day along with Hachi and don't leave till 12:30 or 1:00 (even later sometimes). By the end of the week, I am super tired, but nonetheless happy. I enjoy all of the students that I work with. Though sometimes, they upset/frustrate me or I want them to dial down the crazy hyper mood. Also in a lot of side committees within this: bulletin board, menu planning for staff lunch on Thursdays, Parent Night , and media project.

There is only one thing that I am curious about. I was the last tutor hired, so my paperwork was late, but it's already July, and I have yet to get a confirmation letter. Stupid summer and office, please clear me faster! I need to follow up on this with the office manager.

Taking econ 101 during R1, it's not too hard, I just need to study more. The teacher is nice enough, but since it's a summer class, she can't cover everything and doesn't have enough time to. And I shouldn't have missed that one day, had to get my car fixed. Work followed by school right after (only on Tuesdays and Thursdays) is super jam pack and stressful... wouldn't have any other way though.
See you in August!
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16 June 2010 @ 07:48 pm
Ignore the following blurb, it was written on a random day, a couple months ago and modified today, due to boredom and lack of creativity.

It starts off as a mere game, a battle of the wits to see who bends to flattery. As the game progresses, a discovery is made with each step. The clashing of ideas leads to fighting. Alas, forgiveness and compromise are sought. Two become one in a melting pot of legal institutions binded by strategic and cryptic wordplay. What's mine is only yours until the taunting foreplay ceases. Those that choose to stay claim the children, but in reality, it's the tax break. A war breaks out not due to material goods, but who gets to declare the children as dependents. Legal institutions are what truly binds us together not holy matrimony... to be continued.
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I lost my Brown Eyed Girls tickets (along with my sister's) yesterday. Don't mind that I didn't get to see them, but upset that I've misplaced, yet another thing. I have this habit of forgetting where I put things/losing them quite frequently. This is either from blanking out as to where I put things and/or moving them quickly after in fear of losing them. Not sure how to fix this... maybe, I should double/triple check, keep everything in one safe central spot, or go to the extend of writing down where I put stuff.

Summer finally started! I've been sleeping in since Saturday, but alas can't really during the next two weeks, since I have volunteer and hours to do at Cahill. Though, I don't have to get up till 9, which is a lot better than spring semester was. After these two weeks, I start R1 summer session which will lead to R3. Oh summer vacation... how short lived you have become let me put you on pause for now and hit resume come July .

Update: Finally found my tickets, they were in the trunk of my car, as to how they got there, I have some ideas, but no actual facts lols.
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16 May 2010 @ 09:44 pm
Growing up is hard. When you're five, you only need a few things to get by with each day. You never think of how this week is going to pass, you just do. As we get older, this trait goes away. We begin to worry about the little needless things. It becomes even harder, since everyone is so different, that all these minor things varies from person-to-person.

It becomes a fight to live each day trying to outdo the last. Only to realize that it doesn't mean anything. One shouldn't live life trying to please others, but no one can say this out loud, since it makes us look cold and heartless. In fact, we shouldn't worry too much about the immediate future. The big picture is what's important. And instead of trying to live each day bigger and better to impress others, we should instead live to impress ourselves.

While we were young, we explored and discovered things we were good, bad, and feared. As we come closer to adulthood, we should take time to explore doors that were shut previously. It's not easy, but as we approach each decade of our lives, we should not only learn and explore, we should also conquer things that have held us back.

I can't really talk, since I have a lot of closed doors. I hate trying new things, but it's not so much of the trying, it's the not being sure if I can. The half of me that is reluctant seems to win a lot which results in me getting frustrated and angry at challenges. Because, I would like to see immediate results versus continuous. In the end, patience is my biggest enemy. 

No one wants to be "patient" because usually it gets us nowhere. Those who "do" tend to be more successful than those who "wait". By waiting, it looks as if I've given up or in, and neither is acceptable. Others like to bring up that, it didn't take a day for you to walk, learn math, write, or read, etc etc etc. Those are skills that take time, but I do expect that once the basics are laid down, everything should come to me. Yes, this is impossible and I know that, but still demand it. Secretly, I wish I had learn how to do all those things all at once.

I've come to make compromises, though I hate them. Instead of demanding immediate results, I've decided that every time a challenge presents itself, I will throw myself out there defenseless. The catch with this is that my old habits will still resurface, but I shall overcome and toss them aside.
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10 May 2010 @ 08:10 pm
I've decided against taking BUS 360 during the summer, and holding off till spring. It would be way too much of a workload for me. I mean I could do it, but I really don't want to put myself through that. Plus, there will be summer 2011 to take care of either BUS 682 or 690.

Other than that, studying aboard has been put off indefinitely. There is no time for it anymore, and I would rather go to a foreign country for vacation (or internship highly doubtful), rather than school. The very thought alone is depressing enough.

As for the last week of school (before finals), I will be done with half of my classes after Thursday. Both ISYS 263 and GEOL 101 (lab) don't have a final, just one online quiz and a poster session left. The final for American Politics is on Thursday at 8:10, and I have a clear idea of what I'm writing for my essay, just need to make a detailed outline beforehand (not allowed to have during the final and can't write it ahead of time). 
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Busy busy is the life of a business student. The following will be my schedule for the upcoming summer and fall session

Summer 2010 (All R1 sessions: June 7 to July 9)
MW 9:00-13:00 ETHS 220: Asians in America CA 106
TTH 13:15-17:15 ECON 101: Intro to Microeconomics Analysis TH 329

And I will also try to add BUS 360: Business Communications, either at MW 13:15-17:15 or TTH 9:00-13:00, wish me lucky with this, because the rest of my academic life depends on me getting into this class asap.

Fall 2010 (August 24 to December 13)
M 16:10-18:55 FIN 350: Business Finance BUS 130
TTH 9:35-10:50 MGMT 405: Intro to Management + Organizational Behavior CA 129
T 19:00-21:45 ISYS 363: Information Systems for Management BUS 138+214
W 16:00-19:00 GEAR UP
ONLINE MKTG 431: Principles of Marketing
ONLINE IBUS 330: International Business and Multicultural Relations

At first, I was going to have four out of five of these business classes online, but I swapped sections for the better teachers. Not necessary easier teachers, but those that would actually help my understanding of these classes, except for one. I got stuck with a horrible teacher for Management as I am told, but what can I do? I don't want to slow down my progress just cause I couldn't get into a particular class, when there is another section of it with a crap load of seats. The other thing, I have one class that ends at 10 pm, it's not that bad to only have to go to class once a week for 3 hours, but it's dangerous to be out that late. Hmm, I will most likely swap it for the TTH 11:00-12:15 section with the same teacher to be safer, just got to try and add that. Other than that, I'm pretty much guaranteed a spot for my online courses and GEAR UP (for work), since they are upper division courses, and have 700+ seats. (If somehow, someone ruins this for me, I will murder you all, all jokes aside)

As for work, it will most likely be on MW basis. If you've noticed, I have Fridays free and would love to keep it that way. Also after the fall, I am hoping to only have two business core classes left, BUS 682 and BUS 690, which means I have to talk to an adviser for my concentration classes. If I don't do this, the "lovely" SF State will put an administrative hold on me, until I do so, probably going to talk to one at the beginning of the semester or somewhere in the middle.
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03 April 2010 @ 12:37 pm
It's official DBSK + THSK are no more. Next up on chopping block: Suju and SNSD?
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